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Book Reviews

Coulson Dr Justin web 2019.jpg

Dr Justin Coulson - Happy Family Education (Australia)

PHD Positive Psychology

Author of 6 books about raising happy families

"The Dream Director is a practical, empathetic story (with gently implied 'how-to' guide) to help children who have scary dreams feel safe and understood. Children will feel safe, and parents will have a compassionate model to follow on nights when there are monsters under the bed, or in their children's head. This book will help everyone settle in and feel safe."

Maggie Dent - Parenting author and educator (Australia)

"Nightmares can cause some of our little ones huge angst and they have a tendency to become repetitive habits and very distressing for both kids and parents! Psychologist Krysten Taprell has written a fabulous picture book that allows kids to take control of their dreams, especially nightmares. The Dream Director combines imagination and creative humour to nurture the capacity for kids to change their dreams and to build bravery at the same time. This excellent book will be so helpful for so many parents with little ones struggling with nightmares."


Bridgett Miller - Look With Love Parent Consultant and Author (Canada)

"This delightfully illustrated book reminds children to turn to their parents when they're feeling afraid, regardless of the time of day or night. When we share our fears and worries with those who care about us, we begin to find our way through our struggles because we feel seen, heard and loved. We all need that reminder sometimes"


Rachel Tomlinson - Psychologist and Author (Australia) 

"The Dream Director is a little gem to share with children who experience nightmares. It helps address fear and the feeling of being out of control associated with bad dreams by learning the art of dream directing! Perfect reading before bed"

kim a c.jpeg

Kim Alexander Curd - Author and founder of The Child Therapy List (USA)

"The Dream Director is a marvelous part of a family bedtime book collection, beside Goodnight Moon, waiting to be enjoyed over and over again. The story naturally teaches an important life skill and creates a precious chance for children and parents to talk. "

Renee Irving Lee (1).jpg

Renee Irving Lee - Award winning Author and Teacher (Australia)

"The Dream Director is a beautiful story that empowers children to take charge of their own bedtime. An excellent resource for parents who are struggling to find the right words to reassure their children after a terrifying dream"

Sarah R. Moore headshot.png

Sarah R Moore - Founder of Dandelion Seeds Positive Parenting (USA)

"This marvelous book empowers children to stand up against obstacles to nighttime sleep. Furthermore, it gives adults a model for active listening and validating their child's emotional experience. Very well done."

claire emms.jpg

Clare Emms - Ripple Effect Parenting (South Africa)

"The Dream Director is such a magical yet accurate account of a real problem for many children. What an amazing and empowering message for children who struggle with nightmares and don't have any tools to make sense of how their minds work. This beautifully written and illustrated book is a must read for children and adults alike!"


Carrie Plummer - Editor and Content manager of HealthHubble (UK)

"A beautifully illustrated and sensitive approach to reframing nightmares and bad dreams. Fantastic tools to equip any child struggling with disturbed sleep and a way of processing the reality of nightmares. A go to resource for any parent trying to comfort their child experiencing bad dreams" 

Ciaran Ivanovic - Mindful Kids (UK)


"The Dream Director is a wonderfully empowering book for young readers. Children are encouraged to face their fears and work through them in a fun, positive and engaging way. Highly recommended!"

Mel b.jpg

Mel Burgess - Parent Coach (Australia)

"Engaging with its text and gorgeous illustrations, The Dream Director is a gem of a resource not just for children, but their parents too. It teaches the powerful skill of taking the director's seat to one's own thoughts in order to orchestrate a way through times of distress by redirecting where we take our thought process. Krysten, the author, has managed to distil down a complex and evidence-based practice and make it delightfully digestible"


Carolyn Mehlomakulu - Creativity in Therapy -Blog (USA)

"This lovely book is a great way for kids to feel more empowered and in control when they have nightmares. In my therapy practice I often help kids to draw new endings to their nightmares; it is great to have a book that can introduce them to the idea and read over and over as they build the skill to change their thoughts and dreams"

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