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My goal since creating "The Therapist Parent" has been to provide parents access scientifically proven parenting information and techniques to help their children. There is only so much I can share via social media. This is why I have tried to put everything in one book for you. You don't need to read this book from cover to cover. Simply read the section you need at the time. Each section has further activities or questions to take you further with your parenting. 

Foreword (edited)

Every once in a while, a book comes along that I want to gift every parent. This is one of those rare books. Krysten has written an informative, easy to read, hands on guide for anyone who wants to understand the children in their lives better. More than that, she wants to support us to become the competent, compassionate caregivers we long to be.......


.........As you’ll see, her ability to take theory and research and break it up into bite-size digestible pieces is exceptional.


Krysten draws on her formal training as a psychologist, her more than two decades of experience working with children and families, and the round the clock practice of nurturing her own 3 children. Her words are particularly helpful to those who feel intuitively moved to take a more conscious, gentle approach to raising children without ignoring the science of development. She has gone to great lengths to provide us with evidence-based resources to help support our parenting decisions.


Best of all, Krysten has outlined a plethora of common parenting struggles and has generously offered suggestions for how to navigate certain situations. That said, she does not ask or expect us to follow her instructions to a T. Instead, she invites us to use the insight offered and implement it in ways that feel authentic to us because we’re the ones who know our children best and love them most. This formidable combination of both her head and heart has positioned her to be more than a trusted parenting expert, she’s a wise and caring companion who’s committed to being by our side as we navigate our own unique parenting journey.


Thank you, Krysten, for sharing your wisdom, experience, and caring heart with us in this book. I have no doubt that readers, and the children in their lives, will be better for it.


With love,

Bridgett Miller

Author of What Young Children NEED You to Know: How to see them so you know what to do for them.

Founder of @parentingwithintention on Instagram

Book Trailer

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As a Psychologist I regularly see children who are anxious about sleep and specifically having nightmares. This book gives children the skills to take control of their own dreams and empowers them to change the endings of their dreams. The character in the book explains that dreams are like movies in your head. Just like movies, dreams can be changed by you, the director. The book uses humorous examples of dreams and how they can be changed to  reduce fear around sleep.

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Dr Justin Havens

Author of the Dream Completion Technique

Nightmares are an under-reported and under-treated problem, none more so than with children. They tend to be minimised and dismissed as children's 'overactive imagination' by parents, though for the child can be terrifying and represent a real source of fear. The Dream Director, which is beautifully illustrated by Krysten, outlines a simple but effective technique to empower your child to take control of their dreams, stop their nightmares and make their bed a place of comfort rather than fear.

As a trauma therapist, I often encounter clients with nightmares which are very common after trauma. I have found that treating nightmares is a very helpful first step to improving sleep and reducing the intensity of traumatic memories. The approach that I have developed, known as The Dream Completion Technique, shares the same principals as The Dream Director, which I would thoroughly recommend to parents of all children. Although there is limited research, I would suspect that most children, at some time or another, have had disturbing dreams and nightmares. Although the method described in The Dream Director is simple, the transformative affect that it can have on children, their sleep and mental health should not be underestimated 


Author / illustrator

Krysten Taprell
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