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Breathing Cards

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Helping children learn to do controlled breathing is a skill that will help them manage their emotions and practice calming for life. These 8 wooden breathing cards help children learn to calm their breathing in a fun and interactive way.

Each card is engraved with a shape that the child can trace with their finger. Each card has directions of where to start, breathe in, hold their breath and breathe out.

The 8 8cm x 8cm cards come in an easy to carry hessian drawstring bag (17 x 12cm).

If You are in America you can also purchase these from

**** Note *****

These cards are made from timber and every piece of timber has different grain and the placement of this grain is out of our control. Some of the engraving may be darker on some than others.

Photos thanks to @kingdomkids.fdc and @just_1moreplay

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