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These are to the point videos which go for between 10-13 min. They will give you the answers you need now to know:

  • What anxiety is and how our brains are wired. It also goes into what we can to to help our child in the moment as well as lots of practical exercises you can do to bring calm. Also included is a pdf of relaxation activities that children will enjoy
  • go through why children struggle with big emotions, what could be behind the emotions, what to do in the moment and how to help your child learn from this. I have also included a pdf with information about how to co-regulate with your child.
  • explains what true discipline really is, teaching and guiding. Of course children need boundaries and to learn. It is our job to teach them in a way that they will internalise, not just do to avoid punishment. I will go through how we can bring lasting change in children's behaviours.

The links will expire after 72 hours so please download them before this

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