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Downloadable Poster - Gratitude Questions

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When teaching kids about gratitude it is easy to get stuck on the big things like having a home, family, food etc. While these things are important and we should be grateful for them, when we want to build a mindset of gratitude we need to dig a bit deeper. Having these prompts may help.

👉what went well. Even on a really hard day there is usually something that went well. When we look for the positives it helps change our mindset

👉what are your goals. If something didn't go well, what could you to to change it? Or what are you hoping will happen? This helps us see positives in the future

👉what made you smile. This helps us recognise the little happy moments

👉If you could take a photo what would it be - this helps us look for the beauty around us. Sunsets, clouds, nature.....

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