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Downloadable Poster - Problem-solver

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Model Problem-Solving - When you are faced with a problem that is appropriate your child, think out aloud. Model how you would solve the problem. Work through the stages with them listening

Ask them what they think Ask your child what they think you should do. This gives them the chance to practice problem-solving skills but it also helps them to feel valued

Don't give them the answers As tempting as it might be to just tell them what they need to do, try and let them work out their own problems. You can guide them and offer suggestions but as much as possible try and get them to think of what to do.

Let them experience natural consequences When appropriate and not dangerous, let your child make their decision and experience the consequence. Such as not wearing a jacket and experience the cold.

Later you can talk about what they would do next time We need to remember that problem-solving doesn't just happen by chance. It is a skill that is learnt through experience. We need to be careful that we aren't robbing our children from the experience they need to build these skills with our good intentions to fix their problems. We are here to coach them through so that they can be independent, confident and creative problem-solvers.

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