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Revive and Thrive: Overcoming Parental Burnout

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Parental Burnout is physical, emotional and mental exhaustion that comes from the never-ending challenges of parenting. When we burnout, we can't be the parent we want to be to our children. It is important to recognise the signs, learn what causes burnout and how to restore.

In this course you will learn how our expectations of our children, ourselves and partners contribute to burnout. You will find how to identify your triggers and how to manage them. Then we go through how to restore and use self-care at every stage of parenting.

This course includes 3 videos that are approx. 30 min each. Plus worksheets and handouts with tools you can use at home.

When you purchase the course you will receive an email with the links to download the videos and a worksheets. These links are valid for 72 hours, however once they have been downloaded, you are able to watch them whenever you like.

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