Self-Esteem Bucket Puzzle

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Building a healthy self-esteem is an ongoing process. We need to learn how to "fill" our bucket, but also "fix" the holes when damage has been done.

This puzzle comes with a bucket image with colour coded prompts to "fill your Bucket"

  • Good things around me ....
  • I am good at ....
  • Good things about me ....

Then prompts to "fix your bucket"

  • I can ....
  • I enjoy ....
  • Think I ....

The puzzle comes with 42 disks that the child can use to either "fill their bucket" or "fix their bucket".

The child chooses the prompt statement and then chooses the colour coded disks to either fill or fix their buckets.

More information on how to use this technique on my blog

Images thanks to @popandpudplay

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