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Mindfulness and Gratitude puzzle

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Mindfulness is being aware of your senses, thoughts and emotions. Combined with controlled breathing, it is a powerful form of relaxation. We know that teaching children mindfulness skills from an early age can significantly improve their performance academically, socially and emotionally.

This puzzle uses mindfulness to teach children how to create their “special place” using imagery combined with controlled slow breathing.

1. The child can choose a disk with an image that brings them joy. Included are some blank disks for your child to create their own as well. It could be anywhere they feel calm and happy.

2. The child uses their finger to trace around the puzzle hand. As their finger goes up the finger on the puzzle, they slowly breathe in. At the top of the finger they hold their breath for a moment. Then they slowly breathe out as they trace down the finger.

3. Each finger on the puzzle has one of their senses. While breathing, when they get to each finger on the puzzle, they can think about what sense they can imagine in their chosen picture.

For example, the beach. I can SEE the water, I can HEAR the waves, I can SMELL sunscreen, I can FEEL the sand and I can TASTE the salt in the air.

The reverse side of the hand has 5 prompt questions to help build gratitude.

The hand is 23cm high and they all come in in a calico drawstring bag.

**** Note *****

These products are made from timber and every piece of timber has different grain and the placement of this grain is out of our control. Some of the printing may be darker on some than others.

images from @thecoconuttybunch

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