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Gratitude and Mindfulness Cards

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The Psychological benefits of Gratitude are amazing but sometimes it is hard to think of everything that we are grateful for. Kids often get stuck after family, home, and food. But gratitude has so many positive outcomes if we teach this skill to our kids. These cards can be used as prompts to help kids see all things that they have to be grateful for. The benefits of gratitude includes:

Feeling happier and optimistic. When we look for the good, your mood will improve. When our mood improves there is a roll on effect all around us. Let’s face it, life just feels better for you and everyone around you when you are happier

Increased alertness and awareness of what is happening around you. You learn to actively look for the good and by doing this you become more aware. Which means we are less likely to “switch off” and more likely to focus on what we need to.

Increased self-esteem is another benefit. When we look for the good we also see what is good in us. We see the love and support we have and we recognise that we are valued.

Improved resilience. Being grateful doesn’t mean that everything works out all the time, it means that we can see positives and ways to improve even when things don’t go the way we had hoped. Therefore, we cope when things go wrong and we are willing to try again.

We know that thoughts, feelings and behaviours are connected. When we improve our way of thinking, we improve our mood which in the long-term helps to prevent anxiety and depression.


  • 50 Illustrated cards
  • Suggested questions to Build Gratitude
  • Mindfulness activity
  • 2 Blank cards for you to add your own
  • wooden stand

Cards are 12cm x 7cm and come in a sturdy box

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